Saturday, June 25, 2005

This is all the funny happenings on the WV trip.

Pepper: OK. My youth group alone KILLED two pepper shakers. One of our people was just holding it, and the bottom just fell out of it, along with all of the pepper. The same thing happened the next day. It was SOOO FUNNY!!!!!

John Claude: One of the girls from my Youth group painted a frog!! We named it John Claude.

Smurfs: We had a carrier on top of our van and it kept bonking against the top of the van. So we were all like, "SMURFS ARE ON THE ROOF!!!!!!!!!" It sounded like little tiny hammers, and it was HILARIOUS.

Bunk: I fell off of my bunk the last day...and I had the very top bunk (they were stacked three high). I was trying to get down asap and I thought I had gone down the ladder so I stepped off into thin air. I fell down about six feet and over about three feet, knocked over a fan, and about killed my chin. It was funny.

Steve: We met this totally awesome guy on the trip!! He had so many cool jokes!! "Have you heard about the birds and the bees? Birds'll poop on you, bees'll sting you." He was awesome.

Natives: One of the girls in my group kept calling the people from WV "Natives". It was soooo funny!!!

Accent: Tony, one of our leaders, picked up the WV accent!! :rofl: It was soo funny. He would like pray and stuff in that accent...:rofl:

Honk if....: Have you ever seen a "Honk if..." sign? Well, we had a "Honk if...." war on the way back. The first sign they had was "Honk if you need to eat crap." We called them and told them they were immature. (They being the boys. The boys and the girls were in separate vans.) And it just kinda went downhill from there. The funniest ones were "Honk if we're still immature." Todd, our leader, was driving, and he honked for about a minute. And then they had "Honk if Karen is hot." Karen is Todd's wife. Todd honked for FIVE MINUTES STRAIGHT. And then there was the "Honk if you love us" (which Todd honked for against our will) and then "We love you" and then "XOXO" which got the boys in trouble because there aren't supposed to be public displays of affection. But it was SOOOO FUNNY!!!! We laughed the entire time back. Eventually, the girl van got fed up with the guys so we tried to escape them by pretending to stop at a rest stop but not pulling off. Unfortunately, Tony who was driving the other van, is a RECKLESS DRIVER so he went over the little diagonal line bit right before it turned into grass and got back onto the interstate. It was soo funny.


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